Hi, I’m Zoë!

I'm a recent advertising and photography grad from Marquette University.

You can find me on Instagram at @eatmorebrownies & follow my photography at @zoealexandriah
I've been behind the camera since I was about fifteen years old starting with my mini Kodak point and shoot, taking photos of little things around me, like the neighborhood I grew up in, friends, siblings, and my beloved dog, Bruno. My work essentially began in middle school with self portraits and come high school, I was taking photos for graduating seniors.. and even shot my first wedding!
It wasn't until college that my focus gravitated towards fashion. I reached out to a boutique downtown Milwaukee during my last year in college and photographed their new arrivals for social media. 
Since, my passion has grown tremendously for stylized portraiture and fashion. You can view my full portfolio here.
In addition to it all, I'm the other half of Blush Ambitions, where my girl boss/stylist, @margsmarie and I help professional bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their presence online.
Here, you'll find full shoots from collaborations, editorials, my travels, and behind the scenes of just about everything.

Excited to share my life with you :)
a little more about ME: I happy cry over cute dogs and sappy commercials. I love anything that has a sunflower on it, my chunky corgi is my life, tea or coffee is an every day struggle, and you can find me in Tjmaxx juggling some kind of ceramic Buddha and Calvin Kleins in hand 💃


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