Beware Photographers! There's a scam going around...

warning sign about a scam targeting photographers

Last week I was contacted by an "editor" from
It was through the website and the job listed read:

I am compiling shots for “fashion page” segment and the online fashion magazine is looking for professional and reliable photographers who want to create stunning images- Hypebeast is particularly looking for outdoor and urban looks.
If you’re interested this project, it is important to understand few details about the project. These are:
  1. You will be required to work with 2 models.
  2. There will be 3 outfits per model, 5 looks for each outfit, which totals 30 looks/images.
  3. Outfits/Wardrobe will be supplied by us.
  4. Location, date, and time will be fixed by you.
  5. We want 30 professionally taken pictures in High Res Digital Copies.
  6. Delivery date: January 26th.
  7. Compensation: $2000 ($500 upfront and $1500 final payment).
  8. You will hold full image right (Licensor)
As the photographer we want you to handle other aspect of the gig and dictate the creative direction. If you can handle this, please reply with your full name (Business name), phone number, and address (to be written on your check and contract). Click of the link for a sample of my work: I will forward a contract to be signed by both parties.
They will ask for your name, phone number, and address so they can send you a fake check.
I caught the scammer before I sent my information (his emails didn't match up... you'd think someone hiring a photographer for Hypebeast would have in their email address... and of course, he did not).
These people may contact you representing other magazines or websites - don't fall for it!
As creatives and sellers online, it is SO easy to become a victim of fraud.
Here are some major warning signs...
  • if someone asks you to wire money: DON'T
  • if they request personal information from you
  • if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • multiple misspellings or bad grammar. You may be dealing with an overseas phishing scam
If you're 99% sure the person is being truthful, it's never a bad idea to give their name and email address a quick Google search. That's how I caught my little friend from "Hypebeast" the other day ;)

If you want to help other photographers from being swindled, send them this link Hypebeast provided

Stay careful!

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