Behind the Scenes 12/1 Photoshoot

 fashion photographer crossing street behind the scenes fashion shoot

Started the day bright and early in the lower west side of Chicago to shoot for &

You can follow the model, Seraphina, here 

fashion photographer during photoshoot

behind the scenes of chicago photoshootfashion model downtown chicago

fashion photographer in chicago
model julia

modeling in laundromatsmiling photographer with canon camera

behind the scenes with model in laundromat

photographer with canon drinking mimosa smiling photographer

mimosas in chicago

model wearing black dressbehind the scenes photographer

behind the scenes with chicago fashion model

happy assistant bloggers with canon cameras

behind the scenes assistant photographers

fashion model in yellow dress

 model / influencer

black and white stray cats

fashion blogger drinking a mimosa

stylist @margsmauney
fashion blogger laughing


avocado and cheese tacos

3,000+ photos later (no exaggeration here), Margee and I consumed our weight in these tacos. At the end of the day, our feet were black from dancing on rooftops and I was exhausted from running around taking photos all day, but it was the first time in a long while that I was HAPPY. I'm finally able to live my life creatively & I'm excited for where my camera takes me 🙌

In Chicago? Check out the Airbnb we stayed in here

bright and airy hipster airbnb in Chicago

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